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In the year 1992, Eggenberger International was created with the ambitious mission to bring specialties from the Schloss Eggenberg Brewery around the world.

Today, this company has beer in 45 countries around the world.

Here you find cosmopolitan views of current beer trends in the different regions. You may click!

US & Canada: Innovation welcome

Starting in Texas, Eggenberger Beer has been present in the USA since the early 80s. Today it is the main market for the strongest lager in the world - Samichlaus.

South America: Much more than Tequila

Sao Paolo is truly a mecca for specialty beers.
Austrian Trappist beers have found a great market on the South American continent.

Central and Eastern Europe: traditional diversity

Connoisseurs close to our home market are overwhelmingly choosing our perfect classic Pils.

Asia & Russia: From light to strong

Cultural differences: while people in Asia mostly prefer a non-filtered Radler; in Russia, the strong brews of Eggenberger international are popular.

Australia: Favorite beers of Crocodile Dundee Eggenberger

International goes Down Under: different Bock beers and Pils varieties are much appreciated - even in the famous wine regions of the continent.

Eggenberg International social updates

Biermissionar / Beer Missionary

The Soul of

Exceptional Beers

Each and every beer is like a child of its individual brewmaster - a unique creation. The diversity arising from this has always excited me.
Today I am happy to introduce these special treasures created in close contact with brewmasters around my country’s vibrant landscape - to share them with beer lovers around the world.
The result is a careful selection of genuine beer specialties, which - I am convinced - will, in the best sense of the word, speak to the soul of connoisseurs.
I am delighted to welcome you to this elite circle of lovers of outstanding special beers!

Beer Sommelier Karl Stöhr
Bringing true gems of the Austrian brewing scene to connoisseurs around the world